Crazy Golf Pants

by admin on April 14, 2011

crazy golf pants 199x300 Crazy Golf PantsYou’ll see more and more crazy golf pants out on the links this year due to their increasing presence on some of the top golfers on the big tours and golf tournaments.  While many pro golfers still prefer muted tones and the classic look of some white golf pants, there are ever increasing numbers of golf personalities that what to stand out and what easier way to do it than with a pair of plaid golf pants or some other wacky pattern.

There are many styles and patterns out there that you will be unlikely to find at your local pro shop.  Most people recognize John Daly instantly at any golf tournament based on the funky golf pants that he always wears.  His pants are made by Loudmouth Golf, and now you can try on your own pair at home at no risk to you!  Most online stores charge shipping and handling and return fees in case the clothes you bought don’t fit right.  Seems insane to pay upwards of $20 in shipping fees right?

Well, now you can order any of these awesome golf slacks, golf shorts, or golf skirts directly from Zappos with absolutely no risk.  In case you didn’t know, Zappos is owned by and is the premiere clothing company on the web.  They give you FREE shipping, FREE return shipping, and a 365 day return policy!  Order today and your new golf pants will likely be at your house tomorrow.  Don’t like them?  Attach the included return label and send them back free of charge for a full refund!   Seriously, it’s kind of hard to believe right?

Click here go directly to the full Loudmouth line at Zappos


Rain Golf Pants

March 28, 2011

Is it raining golf pants?  No, it’s time to talk about boosting your equipment portfolio with a good pair of waterproof and windproof rain golf paints.
There is nothing like being on the 7th hole of an epic round of business golf to have the sky open up on you, or to have the weather turn [...]

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Plaid Golf Pants

March 6, 2011

More people seem to be wearing plaid golf pants on the courses these days than every before.  If the really crazy and loud golf pants aren’t quite your style, but you still want to stick out a bit on the links then plaid golf trousers might be for you.
Plaid, or tartan as it’s called in [...]

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White Golf Pants

January 18, 2011

White golf pants are starting to show up more and more often at country clubs and public courses around the country.
Some golfers go for pants in the standard boring solid blue, black or khaki colors. Nothing wrong with that of course. As long as you don’t wear fairway green you’ll be sure to [...]

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IZOD Microfiber Golf Shorts

May 5, 2010

Finally, a soft flexible pair of IZOD Microfiber golf shorts for those hot days on the links.  Izod has really put together a great pair of golf cargo shorts this time.
The shorts are made of polyester microfiber, so they don’t retain moisture like a pair of cotton shorts would and also don’t stay stretched out [...]

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Bad Pants Open Golf Tournament

May 4, 2010

The South Bend Country Club in South Bend Indiana hosted their 5th annual Bad Pants Open tournament yesterday to benefit the Diabetes Resource Center at United Health Services.  The key to the event was to wear the absolute worst golf pants you could find, and help raise money for Diabetes in the process.
Unfortunately, the severity [...]

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Camilo Villegas’ In White Golf Pants Cleans Up At The Honda Classic

March 9, 2010

Sometimes golf tournaments are very close.  Typically the leaders will all be one or two strokes within each other, followed by a pack with very similar totals.  And sometimes you can have the best rounds of your life and still lose handily to someone who just seems to be on the ball.
That is what happened [...]

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Golf Apparel Report for December

March 3, 2010

Golf Datatech ( released their December Golf Apparel Market Report. The reports show average pricing trends for golf apparel sold both on a golf course as well as off.
Men’s Golf Apparel Prices At A Golf Course Pro Shop

For men’s golf shirts the average price was $47.37.
For men’s sweaters, vests and fleeces, the average on course [...]

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Cold Weather Golf Pants Sale at UnderArmor

February 25, 2010

The winter is almost over for many parts of the US, but here in the Northeast it’s just a tease.  Every February or March there is one  bearable sunny golf day with 40-45 degree weather, then suddenly switches back to rainy and freezing for another two months.
Don’t miss that chance!  While it certainly isn’t warm [...]

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Tiger Woods Caught With His Pants Down

February 19, 2010

Well, Tiger Woods finally decided it was time to own up to the fact that he let both his penis and testicles get the better of him and held a press conference today.  He spoke about how sorry he was that he couldn’t keep it inside his pants and had a number of different affairs [...]

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